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                burnout and uncover your purpose! It's time to discover a life of fulfillment and





It's time to make burnout a thing of the past and let your purpose take center stage.

I understand firsthand the toll that burnout can take on your life, both personally and professionally. But here's the good news: you have the power to break free from the cycle and create a life filled with passion and purpose. As a former multi-million dollar salon and spa owner turned coach, I bring a unique blend of experience and empathy to guide you on your transformational journey.

Together, we'll unravel the root causes of burnout, rediscover your true purpose, and design a life that aligns with your values and brings you joy. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a fulfilling, purpose-driven life. It's time to ignite your inner spark and thrive like never before. Are you ready to make the leap? Let's embark on this life-changing adventure together.

Let's embark on this life-changing adventure together.


Let Me Guide You

You have so much more to offer this world than you think you do. You just may be a little stuck. Maybe you are stuck at a career you hate, don’t know what your purpose is, or you just need help moving to the next level in life. My services were created for you. You don't have to walk this journey alone my sweet friend.

Everything from my go-to beauty products and Hawaii life to navigating life, leadership, and relationships based on your energy type. I write to inspire you to grow and of course to connect with you as a friend. One of my favorite things about what I do is the amazing people I meet along the way. Join me on my blog and let's share life together.


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"Lexi is such a breath of fresh air. She helped me truly learn to understand myself on a deeper level. It made my entire life make more sense and helped me step into the next phase of my life confidently."



How to Find Confidence Within Yourself

Setting & Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Perfectionism and People Pleasing: A Guide

Understanding the Difference Between Burnout & Stress

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Breaking Free from the Burnout Cycle: Strategies for Restoring


Burnout can leave you physically exhausted, emotionally drained, and disconnected from the things that bring you joy. However, with the right strategies, you can restore balance and create a life filled with fulfillment. In this guide, we'll explore practical tips and actionable steps to help you break free from the burnout cycle and restore harmony in your life.


I'm Lexi McGhee

Aloha, friend


Hey there! I'm Lexi McGhee, and I'm thrilled to connect with you. My story echoes that of many female entrepreneurs, but with a surprising twist. For ten years, I co-ran a booming salon and spa in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Initially, my business partner and I worked relentlessly to build our empire. But over time, I fell into a spiral of overworking, neglecting self-care, and being consumed by the hustle. Despite our rapid growth and success, I eventually burned out completely. In a bold move, my firefighter husband and I decided to sell everything we owned and move to our dream location: Maui.

However, even amidst the stunning paradise, I found myself trapped in the same cycle of burnout after starting a new corporate job. It took a second major burnout, complete with anxiety, panic attacks, and a loss of passion, for me to hit pause and reassess my life. Through deep self-reflection, I learned about my personality, strengths, weaknesses, and the importance of setting boundaries and embracing a slower pace of life.


Now, having quit my corporate job and started my own business, I'm the healthiest, most fulfilled version of myself. If you're facing burnout, I want you to know that you have the power to reclaim your life, and you don't need to make drastic changes like I did. Together, let's break free from burnout, rediscover your purpose, and live a life of joy and fulfillment. I'm here to support and guide you every step of the way on this incredible journey.

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